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RedRock Grow Blocks is a high quality, commercial grade stonewool plug, starter block, grow cube, grow block, and grow plug manufacturer based out of Los Angeles, California. RedRock Grow Block supplies some of the nation's largest commercial greenhouses, indoor farms, commercial CEA and hydroponic operations, vertical farms, medical and research grow ops, along with many other types of CEA facilities.

Commercial growers across North America trust and rely upon RedRock Grow Block's stonewool grow media for rapid supply chain delivery of massive consistent quantities of high quality, commercial grade stonewool cubes, stonewool blocks, stonewool bricks, stonewool plugs, and stonewool starter plugs. Is Your Current Stonetool Grow Media Brand, Supplier, or Distributor Falling Short of Your Expectations?

Try the RedRock Grow Block Experience! Should you have any questions regarding our products, how they can integrate with your specific commercial grow operation, how RedRock Block can fill your supply chain needs, or if you simply need to find a distributor in your area, please contact us. Call: 1-310-967-2025

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What our customers say:

Cultivating close to a half million plants per year in the Adelanto, CA high desert is not easy. We researched, ran extensive trials, and ultimately selected RedRock for both their stone wool blocks and slabs. Our plants consistently experience the most vigorous vegetative growth and heavy flowering yields we have seen.

Head Grower: C. Murray
Company: Tikun Olam
Facility size: 2 Acre Greenhouse
Website: www.tikunolam.com

What our customers say:

At our scale we need commercially viable products that allow us to do more with less. Stone wool products should offer uniformity, consistent dry-backs, and allow us to steer plant growth. Since running RedRock we have seen all these variables in our greenhouses

Head Grower: J. Dennen
Company: LoudPack Farms
Facility size: 2 Acre Greenhouse
Website: www.loudpack.com

What our customers say:

Our desire to bring the best products to market and ensure a consistent customer experience forces us to select first class products and best practices.. With RedRock's stone wool products we were able to achieve our largest yields to date while saving considerably on water and fertilizers

Head Grower: R. Clark
Company: 7-Points
Facility size: 65,000 SF
Website: www.7points.biz