RedRock are the rockwool of choice for commerical cultivators. RedRock has been sold to North America's largest farms and cultivators with two things in mind - Crop yield and cost.

Recycling Options for Stonewool Grow Media

June 4, 2021

Rocking and Rolling With Stonewool Recycling and Reuse Carl Sagen was quoted as saying, “The Earth is the only [place] known so far to harbor life… there is nowhere to which we can move. Visit, yes. Settle, not yet.” With this in mind it should be a very important thought for growers for the conservation and wise use of Earth’s...
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Global Grow Media Supply Chain Shortage? Stock Up With RedRock Block Today

May 31, 2021

Grow Media Supply Chain- Starter Plugs, Starter Trays, Starter Blocks, Grow Blocks, and Grow Slabs As the pandemic started a chain reaction in terms of a general slowdown in manufacturing globally, the trickle down effect of slowing supply is now starting to hit many different types of industries. To make matters worse, the shipping and freight industries have also seen...
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Monitoring Your Grow Media

May 28, 2021

Taking a Leaf of Faith with Grow Media Monitoring “Knowledge is power.” In the commercial greenhouse, this is one of most true statements that can be said about growing plants. Although plants can not speak, they can give signs and other ques that something is either going very good or very poorly. The first step in understanding these plants and...
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