RedRock are the rockwool of choice for commerical cultivators. RedRock has been sold to North America's largest farms and cultivators with two things in mind - Crop yield and cost.

Multi-Plant Grow Slabs

May 20, 2021

Multi-Plant Stonewool Grow Slabs: Raising Space Efficiency Through Stonewool Grow Media via RedRock Block's Multi-Plant Grow Slabs Stonewool is a mainstream phrase in the commercial horticulture industry ever since the 1970’s. As we progress to modern day, stonewool has become more and more mainstream to use in a commercial greenhouse facility. With research and slight modifications this insulator became one...
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What is HLVd?

May 10, 2021

HLVd in Hops, Cannabis, and Hemp HLVd in Cannabis: The Silent Killer of Quality Buds Knowledge is power and in the commercial horticulture industry, a knowledgeable operator is one that can react quickly and effectively to pests and disease vectors. Great prevention plans and quick response time in the event of an infection or outbreak can make or break a...
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RedRock Block’s Solo Rectangle Grow Slabs

April 30, 2021

Flowering Grow Slabs: Supporting Flowering Plants To Their Full Potential Stonewool has been a time tested material that has made it’s shift from an excellent insulating material to a plant media. After stonewool was introduced to the commercial horticulture world, it took off into popularity as one of the most popular grow mediums for hydroponics and uses in traditional operations....
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