Global Grow Media Supply Chain Shortage? Stock Up With RedRock Block Today

Posted on May 31, 2021 by Red Rock Block

Grow Media Supply Chain- Starter Plugs, Starter Trays, Starter Blocks, Grow Blocks, and Grow Slabs

stonewool-mini-solo-slabs-wholesaleAs the pandemic started a chain reaction in terms of a general slowdown in manufacturing globally, the trickle down effect of slowing supply is now starting to hit many different types of industries. To make matters worse, the shipping and freight industries have also seen a general slow down globally due to numerous issues caused by the pandemic. Some of these issues include; overall delay from sourcing and transporting of raw materials, manufacturers not having ample raw materials to keep up with demand(in some cases, others are purely opportunistic), less workforce actually working, travel and shipping restrictions worldwide, so on and so forth.

When the pandemic first hit, a large number of factories had to shut down. This obviously caused immediate ramifications in terms of supply and demand, yet, as “things” are just starting to get back to normal, there are still many industries literally scrambling to find new sources of supply to be able to continue manufacturing products. Along with delayed manufacturing of products and goods, enter in shipping, transportation, and freight to get both raw materials and finished products to their final destinations. With many of the worlds largest shipping ports backlogged, along with many shipping and freight companies feeling the pinch, has all contributed to many different types of industries having an issue with sourcing and supply chain management.

Sourcing Agricultural and Horticultural Supplies-

One of the world’s most important industries that needs to keep producing, is the agricultural industry, and for obvious reasons. Without the many different types of indoor and outdoor farming operations that literally feed the entire world, planning ahead and keeping plenty of critical supplies on hand should be one of the top priorities for commercial and industrial growers and farmers these days. Some of the most important supplies that a commercial or industrial grower should keep plenty of stock on hand for could be- various types of plant pots and trays, different types of grow media needed to keep the grow op running, the multiple types of fertilizers and plant nutrients needed for the different plant growth phases.pest and plant disease control products, numerous types of cleaning agents, PPE protection, various replacement parts such as grow lighting bulbs and lamps, filters, irrigation parts, piping, tubing, multiple filter types, etc.

Grow Media Supply Chain-

One of the single most important, and potentially overlooked grow supply that all growers will need plenty of would be grow media. Depending on the grow operation, there may be multiple types and sizes of grow media needed in order to grow a complete plant/crop cycle. Speaking in terms of stonewool grow media offered by RedRock Block for example, could include starter plugs or starter trays, to small starter cubes and starter blocks, to larger size grow blocks, to solo rectangle flowering slabs, and finally a large multi plant flowering slab. With RedRock Block’s stonewool grow media product lines, a commercial or industrial grower is able to start their seeds or clones, block up or transplant, and ultimately use the same grow media product line through the entire growth cycle.

RedRock Block Grow Media Features and Benefits-

  1. Sourcing of clean raw materials within North America
  2. Consistent quality- tracked with barcoding for transparency
  3. Manufactured to strict ISO standards in North America
  4. Internal weave of the grow media
  5. Water retention properties
  6. Water drainage properties
  7. Plant nutrient retention properties
  8. Root zone development properties
  9. Natural pH and EC properties
  10. Balanced air porosity to water holding capacity

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