Growing Cannabis in Stonewool

Posted on August 7, 2020 by Red Rock Block

Growing Cannabis with Stonewool

Hydroponically Growing Cannabis in Stonewool Grow Blocks-

What is Stone wool?

stonewool-grow-substrateStone wool- also known as mineral wool or stone rock wool, is made from naturally derived ingredients. More specifically, stonewool is made from melted down basaltic rock that is spun into fibers at high speeds. The stonewool fibers are then shaped into mats that are cut into specific shapes and sizes, such as- stonewool starter plugs, stonewool starter blocks, stonewool grow blocks and cubes, and stone wool slabs.

Since stonewool grow media is manufactured from all-natural materials, it is often considered a sterile product(depending on the manufacturing), and perfect for growing a wide range of plants and crops in.

Stonewool grow media is also considered one of the best growing mediums as it offers excellent aeration for roots and efficient plant nutrient uptake properties.

Benefits of Growing Cannabis in Stonewool-

Some of the best benefits of growing cannabis with stonewool grow media-

  • As stonewool is made from basaltic rock, plant nutrients and water retention properties are extremely low. That being said, when plant nutrients and water are delivered to the grow blocks, the plants and crops have immediate access to said nutrients and water, along with whatever minute amounts remain after the delivery cycle.
  • Fluctuations in water pH, plant nutrients, EC can all be monitored and adjusted on the fly for optimum performance.
  • Stonewool blocks allow for maximum root penetration through the grow media. Plants are able to easily grow a wider root system, absorb more plant nutrients, increase plant growth, and yields.
  • Stonewool grow media can also be used to germinate cannabis plants. When the plants are ready to be transplanted into a bigger grow block, some stonewool manufacturers offer different size pre-cut stonewool blocks and stonewool slabs for easy and efficient “blocking-up” or transplanting of the plants. This reduces the amount of stress the plants have to endure while going through transplanting processes.
  • Stonewool grow plugs, grow blocks, and grow slabs offer excellent aeration properties for plant root zones. This helps to protect against different types of plant diseases so long as watering cycles and processes there of are not exceeded.
  • Stonewool can be recycled  and/or re-used  in some cases. A  grower can in some cases sterilize the grow media and re-use it, or they can shred up the stonewool grow blocks for compost or used as a direct soil additive.

Disadvantages of  Growing Cannabis in Stonewool-

Some of the disadvantages of growing cannabis with stonewool grow media-

  • Stonewool uses a tremendous amount of resources to produce.
  • In some cases, stonewool grow media should not be reused or recycled. All depends on the type of plant and the grow operations consumer base.
  • Stone wool grow blocks can be harmful to humans when fibers break off and become airborne. Simply wear a quality dust mask when handling dry stone wool grow media.
  • Premium stone wool grow media is not cheap in most cases.
  • Stonewool is susceptible to algae, fungi, and mold growth when excessive watering and nutrient levels are higher than they are supposed to be. By utilizing a combination of proper watering cycles, fans, air movers, and other controlled environment agricultural systems, a grower can mitigate the risk of harmful plant diseases through simple evaporation processes.
  • As stone wool has low water and plant nutrient retention properties, growers need to meticulously and continuously monitor pH levels of the hydroponic based system. Keeping pH levels consistent throughout the hydroponic system will allow optimum plant growth and maximum plant yields.

Types of Stonewool Grow Media for Growing Cannabis-

Commercial Grade stonewool grow blocks, grow cubes, grow slabs, and stonewool grow plugs. Please keep in mind that no stonewool grow media products are the same. Each manufacturer uses their own ingredient sources(from who knows where) and their own manufacturing processes to create their products. It is advisable to know your manufacturer or supplier of stonewool grow media, or any grow media for that matter. That being said, there are a lot of manufacturers out there that create and sell low quality stonewool products that can be full of impurities, chemicals, toxins, or other undesirables.

Why Commercial Cannabis Growers Prefer Stonewool Grow Media-

stonewool grow block videoGrowing cannabis with stonewool in a large scale commercial greenhouse, indoor farm, or CEA facility is one of the best options available to cannabis growers. Stonewool grow blocks offer commercial cannabis growers more advantages than disadvantages as highlighted above. From being a natural sterile grow media, to ease of use, to precision watering and plant nutrient properties, to efficient “blocking up” or the  transplanting of cannabis plants into larger grow blocks and grow slabs as they grow through the different plant cycles- are the main reasons as to why commercial cannabis cultivators prefer high-quality stonewool grow media versus other types of grow media.

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