Growing Fruit and Fruit Trees in Stonewool

Posted on September 22, 2020 by Red Rock Block

Growing Fruit Hydroponically with Stonewool Grow Media-

grow fruit treesDid you know that you can grow many different types of fruits and event fruit trees in stone wool grow media. In recent years, stonewool grow media has been gaining more and more in popularity among commercial and industrial growers. As such, many of these large-scale growers started to experiment with growing different types of fruit in hydroponic systems using stonewool grow media.

What Types of Fruit Can Grow in Stonewool?

There are far too many types of fruit to list, so we included in the list below, some of the most common types of fruit that you can potentially grow hydroponically in stonewool grow media. These types of fruit can include strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, grapes, passion fruit, even watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, and peppers(if you consider these fruits:) ) Some endeavoring indoor growers have also figured out how to successfully grow exotic fruits, small fruit trees, cocktail trees, and dwarf fruit trees.

How Can RedRock Block’s Commercial-Grade Stonewool Grow Media Product Lines Help with Growing Fruit in Stonewool-

stonewool-grow-blocksFirst and foremost, if you do decide to try out growing fruit with stonewool grow media products, stick with one brand and type of stonewool grow media, preferably a brand that offers an entire line of stonewool grow media. This would include seed starters and plugs, starter cubes and blocks, grow blocks, and eventually solo or multi-flowering grow slabs. RedRock Block offers two complete lines of commercial-grade stonewool grow media- a premium line and professional line stonewool plugs, starter blocks, stonewool grow blocks, and stonewool slabs.

The reasoning behind keeping with the same product line in most cases is the raw materials used to manufacture the stonewool grow media products should be the same from stonewool plug to grow block to grow slabs. Other variables could be dialed in plant nutrient mixes that work with one brand of stonewool yet not well with other brands(excess residues, blockages, mold,etc.), ease of use with blocking up or transplanting plants and crops into larger stonewool grow media, so on and so forth.

RedRock Block’s commercial-grade stonewool grow media products have been rigorously tested and used for years in large commercial and industrial indoor farming operations. All of RedRock Block’s stonewool grow media is manufactured in North America from raw natural material sourced from the US. RedRock Block designed and developed their entire commercial-grade product through years of trial and error, all to find the perfect material blend and stonewool grow media structure for maximum root zone development. As such, RedRock Block is held in high regard among commercial and industrial growers, often considered as one of the best stonewool grow media manufacturers globally.

Benefits of RedRock Block’s Stonewool Grow Media-

  • Customizable
  • Multiple growing seasons and crops
  • Will not breakdown in growing season
  • Sterile materials free from pathogens
  • Fairly neutral pH product
  • Naturally made product
  • Excellent aeration and moisture retention
  • Easy transplanting aka – Blocking Up
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Raw materials sourced and manufactured in North America.
  • Custom shapes and sizes available for large bulk orders…

Bulk Stonewool Grow Media – RedRock Block

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