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Posted on May 20, 2021 by Red Rock Block

Multi-Plant Stonewool Grow Slabs: Raising Space Efficiency Through Stonewool Grow Media via RedRock Block’s Multi-Plant Grow Slabs

Redrock Block Grow SlabStonewool is a mainstream phrase in the commercial horticulture industry ever since the 1970’s. As we progress to modern day, stonewool has become more and more mainstream to use in a commercial greenhouse facility. With research and slight modifications this insulator became one of the most used materials in commercial hydroponic growing facilities. The greenhouse industry is not new to new developments with its history tracing back to the beginnings of the glasshouse or hot house.

The invention of the greenhouse was one that revolutionized the growing industry with increased growing seasons, better control over the environment, and the ability to grow most anything that will fit in the space. One drawback of a greenhouse is space. Space is money and better utilization of space is essential in the maximization of profits and growing capabilities. One way to maximize space easily without installing more shelves, hangers or equipment is through the use of multi-flowering grow slabs. These stonewool slabs are able to house multiple plants in a space in comparison to a single or few plants. By planting multiple plants of either the same or different varieties, a grower can fully maximize their growing space while still being able to harness the wonders of stonewool.

With the aid of experience and knowledge of staff that have worked in the field of commercial horticulture production, RedRock Block has developed stonewool products that are at the forefront of the horticulture industry in standards and results. This Southern California based company, has the consumer in mind with stonewool products for all applications of the industry from great and small.

RedRock Block Growing Slabs

Redrock Block’s growing slabs are high commercial grade stonewool that is manufactures from high-grade US made raw material. These grow slabs are one a few stonewool products that are sources and manufactured in North America. With the closeness of manufacture, RedRock Block is able to maintain constant high quality and prices ideal for commercial agriculture and horticulture production. These slabs contain a wetting agent that ensures nutrients and water are available immediately while still allowing for dry back to maximize oxygen availability. This is also in part to the high fiber density of the grow slabs.

It is common to find propagators moving fresh cuttings into plugs for the initial stage of development. Once rooted plants are transplanted into grow blocks and then placed on top of grow slabs to extend root zone development and access to water and nutrients. Selecting the correct substrate for a crop depends on many variables such as size, duration, density, and more.

Available Grow Slab Products and Sizes at RedRock Block

Grow Slab/ Type Size
99X15X7.5 cm (36”X6”X3”) 12/case

16 cases/ pallet (192 slabs)

30 pallets/ container (5,760 slabs)

Growers can mix and match sizes!

Key Features of RedRock Stonewool

Moisture High moisture retention allowing for excellent water support with a reduced risk of wilting and stunting due to water stress.
Nutrient Content Once the stone wool is treated, all stonewool blocks are able to retain and hold on to nutrients with minimal to no leaching of nutrient solution.
Oxygen Availability  Roots get a breath of fresh air with 97 percent oxygen content when dry, and with proper drainage times between waterings, excellent water and oxygen ratio for the roots.
pH and EC RedRock Stonewool has a neutral pH which means a clean slate for all plants. A grower has full control over the initial pH and EC content of the media allowing for full customization based on individual crop needs.

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