Best to be used in

Propagation & Nurseries
Stonewool cubes' beneficial structure and water retention properties make them exceptionally beneficial when starting seeds and rooting propagation cuttings.
Commercial Greenhouses
Among all other properties, stonewool creates a stable growth environment for crops roots, and does not spread desease, insects and weeds.
Commercial Hydroponic
The stonewool grow blocks and their properties make them an indispensable product and an ideal medium for any hydroponics growing system.
The RedRock


Predictable Water Mobility

RedRock Wool ensures uniform movement of water and nutrients throughout the plug, block, or slab. Our products will wet-up and dry back with predictability so growers can steer crops further than ever before. New tooling and technology blend horizontal and vertical fibers for the most homogenous and predictable water transport to date.


Happy Customers

Cultivating close to a half million plants per year in the Adelanto, CA high desert is not easy. We researched, ran extensive trials, and ultimately selected RedRock for both their stone wool blocks and slabs. Our plants consistently experience the most vigorous vegetative growth and heavy flowering yields we have seen.

Head Grower: C. Murray
Company: Tikun Olam
Facility size: 2 Acre Greenhouse

Happy Customers

At our scale we need commercially viable products that allow us to do more with less. Stone wool products should offer uniformity, consistent dry-backs, and allow us to steer plant growth. Since running RedRock we have seen all these variables in our greenhouses

Head Grower: J. Dennen
Company: LoudPack Farms
Facility size: 2 Acre Greenhouse

Happy Customers

Our desire to bring the best products to market and ensure a consistent customer experience forces us to select first class products and best practices.. With RedRock's stone wool products we were able to achieve our largest yields to date while saving considerably on water and fertilizers

Head Grower: R. Clark
Company: 7-Points
Facility size: 65,000 SF


RedRock Block vs. Grodan vs. Cultilene

August 9, 2021

Comparing the Top Names in Stonewool: RedRock Block, Grodan, and Cultilene In the commercial horticulture industry, names are everything and what is built with the name matters. A brand needs to be reputable, reliable, and able to deliver the same results every time with little to no differences. In the hydroponics realm there are three names that come up when...
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