New Line of Starter Trays Available at RedRock Block

Posted on January 14, 2021 by Red Rock Block

RedRock Block Introduces New Line of Stonewool Starter Trays to Market


Commercial and industrial growers in need of a consistent supply of high-quality starter trays and other types of starter grow media can now fulfill their supply chain needs with RedRock Block.

RedRock Block, a premier manufacturer of high-grade stonewool grow media, has just announced the launch of their latest line of grow media; stonewool starter trays. This new line of commercial and industrial grade stonewool starter trays compliments RedRock Block’s ever-growing line of stonewool grow media products- starter grow plugs, starter blocks and starter cubes, different size grow blocks, solo flowering slabs, and multi-flower stonewool slabs.

RedRock Block’s new line of starter trays are manufactured with round starter plugs in starter trays of 50 starter plugs and sold in bulk cases of 2000 starter trays, available at wholesale pricing to commercial and industrial grow operations, greenhouses, and indoor farms.

RedRock Block’s new starter trays are perfect for large scale grow operations that are in need of some of the cleanest and purest stonewool grow media for starting plants or cloning crops. As the starter trays are a new addition to RedRock Block’s growing line of stonewool grow media, they were specifically designed and manufactured to be used with RedRock Block’s other stonewool grow media when transplanting or “blocking up” to the next size of grow media.

A commercial or industrial grower can now implement Redrock Block’s entire line of stonewool grow media into their operations, from seed to harvest. Why risk plants or profits over substandard substrate? RedRock Block’s stonewool grow media is sourced and manufactured directly in North America, providing large-scale growers some of the cleanest, purest, and overall, some of the best stonewool grow media available worldwide. For more information about RedRock’s newest stonewool starter media, please visit:

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