New North American Commercial-Grade Stonewool Grow Blocks Hit Market

Posted on April 21, 2020 by Red Rock Block

Available Now! High Quality Stone Wool Grow Blocks, Stone Wool Grow Plugs, Stone Wool Grow Slabs, and Stonewool Flowering Slab Supply Chain for Commercial Growers

Redrock stone wool blocks

The commercial horticulture industry is evolving and morphing into one of automation and new technologies. One of the forefronts of the commercial industry is hydroponics and aquaponics. The use of hydroponics and other water based growing systems have increased substantially due to the many benefits of the technology meaning growers are making the switch. Hydroponic setups offer the grower full control over all growing requirements, saves water, space, and has a lower incidence of pests and disease. For hydroponic systems, the plants still need to be housed in a medium. The top grow media? Stone wool products. 

RedRock Block is thrilled to offer stonewool products for a wide range of commercial operations! RedRock Block is a United States based company that produces high-quality, commercial-grade stone wool grow blocks for the commercial growers. Based in Los Angeles, California, RedRock has been designed specifically for all North America’s largest cultivators with crop yield and cost in mind. With a uniform stone wool fiber structure, a grower can rest assured that plants receive excellent water and plant nutrient disbursement and retainment. Due to the specific nature of the material, RedRock stonewool materials are naturally resistant to disease, decreasing the risk of contamination to virtually zero. With thick, durable wrappers that block light penetration and reflect the heat into the root zones to create a homogenous temperature, plants are able to grow and thrive to the best of their ability. RedRock Blocks are designed for use in  both short term and long term crop production operations, both large and small. Every commercial operation is different, so offering just one size of stonewool grow block simply does not work. Operations need to be able to have materials suited specifically for their operation or a product that is easily adaptable. RedRock Block offers both set sizes and custom size options for stonewool grow blocks to fit an operations specific needs. 

Wholesale Stonewool Grow Block Supply Chain


RedRock Blocks are some of the only commercial-grade stone wool products that can tote the certification of source, sanitation, processing, and manufacturing occurring entirely in North America. These stone wool blocks have the cleanest, purest, and finest grade stone wool available to commercial growers. With the options of stonewool grow blocks, stone wool slabs, stone wool plugs, and stonewool flowering blocks, RedRock Block provides the opportunity for commercial operations to grow higher yields with less water, less plant nutrient applications, and with less required growing space. The use of stonewool blocks is not confined to a single style of growing. With uses across the full spectrum of crop production, stonewool is suitable for commercial greenhouses, indoor farms, controlled environment agriculture facilities, commercial hydroponic operations, vertical farms, urban farming operations, large scale cultivation facilities and more! 

With such a great variety of applications and the versatility of the stone wool material, RedRock Block is excited to offer only the best products for all commercial indoor farming operations and applications. From custom blocks and slabs, to small individual plugs, the commercial grower can truly grow their plants in the best of possible environments. Happy plants mean happy yields and happy yields mean happy profits!

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