New PRO Line of 4 Inch Starter Blocks Now Available at RedRock Block

Posted on March 19, 2021 by Red Rock Block

RedRock Block Releases New PRO Line of 4”x4”x2.5” Stonewool Grow Blocks

The all new RedRock Block PRO 4” x 4” x 2.5” stonewool grow block now available to commercial and industrial cultivators. The RedRock Block Pro line is currently available as  premium product line, a step above the already premium grade stonewool grow media line offered by RedRock Block. The RedRock Block PRO line of stonewool grow media has recently been developed with a new proprietary design, weave pattern, and blend of raw materials which provides growers with an increased density in the grow media, better retention and aeration properties, and an excellent root zone development environment.

RedRock Block is considered as one of the leaders in the stonewool grow media industry as their premium grow media products speak for themselves loudly in terms of consistency, purity, quality, ease of use, and overall production. The new PRO 4×4”x2.5” is an excellent addition to the PRO line as the convenient size will allow a commercial or industrial grower the means to transplant or block up seamlessly and potentially in fewer steps in the process.

RedRock Block PRO 4’x4”x2.5” Starter Blocks-

Commercial grade stone wool pro starter blocks sourced and manufactured in North America.
  • Our stonewool starter blocks and other grow media are sourced in the USA and processed in Canada
  • Wetting agent ensures plant nutrients are immediately plant available
  • The high fiber density of the stone wool starter blocks makes better use of water and fertilizers while allowing dry back
  • Our stone wool starter blocks are priced for commercial and industrial agriculture production
  • Sizes available for any crop
  • 216 starter blocks in a case
  • 20 cases per pallet
  • 30 pallets per shipping container
  • Ok to mix and match sizes

RedRock Block’s new PRO 4 in. x 4 in. x 2.5 in. starter blocks are the starter grow media of choice for commercial and industrial cultivators, growers, greenhouse operators, and indoor farmers.

For more information about pricing and how to place an order, please give RedRock Block a call at 1-310-967-2025 or visit-

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