New Professional Line of Stonewool Grow Blocks Hit Market

Posted on July 10, 2020 by Red Rock Block

Stonewool Grow Block Supplier Launches New PRO Line of Stonewool Grow Media

Stonewool Grow Media Manufacturer, RedRock Block, Launches RedRockPRO, a New Line of Stonewool Grow Blocks, Plugs, Slabs for Large-scale Professional Growers, Greenhouse Operators, and Indoor Farmers.

North American manufacturer of high quality stonewool grow media, RedRock Block, recently introduced a complete new line of locally sourced and manufactured stonewool grow blocks, starter blocks, plugs, and stonewool slabs specifically for commercial grow operations that need the cleanest and purest stonewool grow media.

With RedRock Block’s PRO line of stonewool grow blocks, plugs, and slabs already being used at some of the largest commercial greenhouse, CEA, and indoor farming facilities across the globe, there are still many types of grow operations that would benefit even more so with the all new RedRockPRO line of stonewool grow media products.

Designed and manufactured specifically for large-scale commercial cultivators and growers, RedRockPRO stonewool grow media is one of the only stonewool grow media companies that is 100% sourced and manufactured in North America. Offering some of the cleanest and purest stonewool grow blocks and stonewool slabs, this exclusive line of commercial-grade grow media provides a unique and uniform design, balanced water and plant nutrient retention properties, outfitted with a thick white light blocking wrapper to preserve consistent root zone temperatures.

Commercial cultivators, greenhouse operators, indoor farms, CEA facilities that grow both short and long cycle crops such as hemp, cannabis, tomatoes, cucumbers, berries, sweet pepper, eggplant, multiple types of leafy greens, etc. can use RedRockPRO stonewool grow blocks and stonewool slabs when there is a need for the highest of quality  stonewool grow media.

RedRock PRO stonewool grow blocks currently come in 4″x4″x2.5″ stonewool starter blocks, 4″x4″x4″ stonewool grow blocks6″x6″x5″ stonewool grow blocks, 6x6x4 stonewool grow blocks, 12″x8″x4″ stonewool flowering slabs, and 36″x6″x3″ stonewool slabs, and in custom sizes. RedRock Block offers their exclusive RedRockPRO stonewool grow media product line with flexible wholesale pricing options for grow supply and hydro stores, AG distributors, large-scale cultivators, commercial greenhouse operators, CEA facilities, indoor farms, hydroponic facilities, and more. RedRock Block also offers packaging in cases or bulk wrapping on pallets to reduce waste, along with extremely fast and reliable shipping.

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