Propagation With Stonewool Grow Media

Posted on November 18, 2020 by Red Rock Block

What is Propagation?

Propagation, to put it plainly, is the act of growing new plants. In commercial and industrial grow operations, hydroponic propagation is one of the most common methods of mass plant and crop production.Why hydroponics? A properly set up hydroponic system is capable of growing plants and crops faster while increasing harvest yields as the root zone has direct access to water, oxygen, and plant nutrients. Add stonewool grow media into this equation and it is the perfect recipe for optimum plant growth and maximum yields.

Seed vs. Cuttings-

stonewool starter traysWhile some grow operations may start their plants off from seeds, others may choose to use plant cuttings for cloning of mother plants right from the start, or they may use a combination of both seeds and plant cuttings within the commercial or industrial grow operation. Some crop production facilities will routinely find different varieties and strains of plants that they like and continually clone or even cross-breed them.

Starting either seeds or plant cuttings in stonewool grow media such as in stonewool starter plugs, stonewool starter trays, or stonewool starter cubes works out very well for both the plants and the propagator. As starting seeds and starting cuttings are two different types of propagation, different grow strategies will have to be implemented in order for the seed or cutting to grow and thrive. As an example- seeds are usually started in stonewool propagation domes or stonewool trays with less grow lighting and in warmer, more humid conditions. Whereas plant cuttings would be planted directly into either a starter block or grow block, would require far more grow lighting, and would not need as warm and humid of a grow environment(in most cases). After the seeds or plant cuttings start to germinate and/or grow roots, then it is time for transplanting the seeds or cuttings into a larger stonewool grow media, a.k.a.- blocking up.

Blocking up-

flowering-stonewool-grow-mediaIn most cases, seeds that are started in stonewool starter plugs, stonewool starter trays, or stonewool starter cubes can quickly and easily be transplanted directly into a larger stonewool grow block or stonewool slab without having to remove the plant and roots from the existing stonewool starter media.

Transplanting in most cases is easy as dropping in the starter plug directly into a larger pre-treated grow block with a perfectly sized pre-cut hole.

This saves commercial and industrial grow operations tremendous amounts of time, effort, materials, labor, and other related overhead expenses involved with transplanting cycles.

Why Stonewool Grow Media?

High-quality stonewool grow media offers commercial and industrial propagators numerous perks and benefits especially when compared to other types of grow media, such as soil, coco coir, or grow stones. Some of the benefits of stonewool grow media include excellent aeration properties, enhanced plant nutrient uptake, optimum root zone development environment(perfect amount of air, water, nutrients), fairly neutral natural pH levels, inert and sterile product, quicker and more efficient transplanting processes, ability to air prune, etc.

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