RedRock Block Announces ProPlus Line of Multi-Directional Stonewool Grow Media

Posted on October 12, 2020 by Red Rock Block

RedRock Block Expands Product Line; Introduces New Revolutionary Multi-Directional “Weaved” ProPlus Stonewool Grow Media to Market.

redrock-proplus-stonewool-grow-mediaCommercial and Industrial cultivators, growers, and farmers across the globe now have a new to market selection of stonewool grow media to choose from. RedRock Block, one of the world’s leading commercial stonewool grow media manufacturers, has recently announced the addition of an innovative third stonewool grow media product line. The ProPlus stonewool grow media product line now offered by RedRock Block is the next evolution in terms of stonewool grow media manufacturing.

By implementing a unique, tried and tested stonewool grow media structure design, RedRockBlock was able to successfully develop a new stonewool grow media product line that outperforms the previous commercial-grade “Basic” and “Pro” RedRock Block stonewool grow media product lines.

What Is the Difference Between RedRock Block’s Basic, Pro, and Pro Plus Stonewool Grow Media?

The major differences between each product line are as follows- slightly different manufacturing methods, the patterns on the inside of the stonewool blocks, how dense the stonewool fibers are, structural design, longer manufacturing processes, the purity of materials, etc.

The ProPlus stonewool media product line is the latest innovation from RedRock Block. With numerous years of experience, development, and testing, the all new RedRock Block ProPlus stonewool grow media product line was created specifically for commercial and industrial growers that want or need to use the purest and finest stonewool grow media available. The ProPlus product line by RedRock Block is manufactured with the purest of raw materials, to the highest of standards, and with a new multi-directional design inside  the stonewool grow media structure.

Some of the Major Benefits of RedRock Block’s Commercial-Grade Stonewool Grow Media-

  • Natural man made product
  • In some cases, can be used for multiple seasons
  • Rugged. Will not breakdown during the growing season
  • Sterile product
  • Fairly neutral pH levels-depends on manufacturer
  • Excellent aeration and moisture retention
  • Great root zone development properties
  • Easy transplanting
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Raw materials sourced and manufactured in North America.
  • Custom orders…

As RedRock Block’s commercial-grade stonewool grow cubes, stonewool blocks, and stonewool slabs are already utilized at some of the world’s largest grow operations, the new to market ProPlus stonewool grow media product line is sure to be a major success for both RedRock Block and their customers.

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