RedRock Block Expands Into International Markets

Posted on May 20, 2020 by Red Rock Block

RedRock Block Announces Global Stonewool Grow Media Supply Operations

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North American manufacturer of premium stonewool grow starter blocks, stonewool blocks, stonewool solo slabs, and stonewool flowering slabs, RedRock Block, announces global expansion into markets worldwide.

Commercial growers, cultivators, propagators, indoor farmers, greenhouse owners, CEA and hydroponic facility operators across the globe will now be able to acquire large quantities of this next generation of premium-grade, North American sourced and manufactured, line of stonewool grow media products. 

RedRock Block’s exclusive line of stonewool grow media are some of the only commercial-grade stone wool products sourced, sanitized, processed, and manufactured entirely in North America. RedRock Block’s products, from concept to creation, were created solely for large-scale commercial agriculture, horticulture, and greenhouse crop production facilities.

RedRock Block stonewool grow blocks and stonewool slabs were specifically designed for large-scale commercial crop producers with the sole intention of increasing plant quality,  maximizing crop yields, and reducing costs while increasing savings on grow media overall of 40%, 30% on water, and 30% savings on fertilizers and plant nutrients.

Widely used with both short- and long-cycle crops such as- Cannabis, tomatoes, cucumbers, berries, etc. RedRock Blocks’ products utilize an extremely unique, yet, uniform stone wool fiber block structure design that allows for optimum water and plant nutrient retention. Wrapped in thick white durable plastic to block UV light penetration while protecting root zone temperatures. RedRock Blocks premium grade stonewool products also come in a range of convenient sizes, offering commercial growers the ability to quickly and seamlessly “block up” to the next size without transplanting. 

For years RedRock Block has supplied premium grade stonewool products to a vast number of large-scale commercial crop producers in North America. With such a demand and recent international interest for their high-grade, commercial stonewool grow blocks and stonewool slabs, has led the company to an aggressive push for international market penetration, expansion, and market share worldwide with their premium North American manufactured line of stonewool grow media products.

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