RedRock Block vs. Grodan vs. Cultilene

Posted on August 9, 2021 by Red Rock Block

Comparing the Top Names in Stonewool: RedRock Block, Grodan, and Cultilene

In the commercial horticulture industry, names are everything and what is built with the name matters. A brand needs to be reputable, reliable, and able to deliver the same results every time with little to no differences. In the hydroponics realm there are three names that come up when stone wool is searched- Grodan, Cultilene, and Red Rock Block. The choice of which name to go with in the selection of stone wool is dependent on the grower’s goals, crop needs, budget, and more.

Importance of Quality

The selection of products and tools is essential in the success of a growing season. When selecting quality supplies, a grower ensures that all growing aspects are the best that they can be and can ensure that plants can grow happy and healthy. Similar to a cook that has specific brands or types of flour, sugar, or cooking ware, a grower should have a go to source for their supplies as well. Quality is important and with quality comes trust and a dependability that a product is as advertised and will perform as expected. Stone wool is a great way to grow crops without soil and has tons of benefits. The selection of the stone wool is important, as each manufacturer of stone wool has a set of standards that they want to meet and a different way of doing things. From the source of the stone, processing steps, and overall weave of the resulting product- differences arise that will make or break a season. Proper research should be done before making the choice of which name to go with.

There are several aspects that should be considered in the choice of the growing media. These aspects will determine the overall quality and whether the goals and needs of the grower can be met for the season.

Red Rock Grow Block

grow cubesRed Rock grow blocks are the stone wool of choice for commercial and industrial cultivators with the stone wool being sold to North America’s largest growers and cultivators with two main things in mind- crop yield and cost.

All of the RedRock Block stonewool grow media products are all made from high-grade US derived raw materials. The stone wool products contain a wetting agent that ensures nutrients are immediately available to the plant when it need it and with a high fiber density, water and fertilizers are available while still allowing for dry-back. RedRock Block’s products are priced for commercial agriculture production with sizes available for any crop. What was once a selective availability to top names in horticulture is now available to all growers!


grodan-grow-cubesGrodan is one of the most recognizable names in hydroponics with the introduction of stone wool as a growing medium. Grodan has the mindset of sustainability and the use of less resources when growing crops.

With the ability to apply less water and nutrients, growers are able to still produce the same to more crops with less inputs. Grodan is an international stone wool provider and has many facilities around the world to manufacture the stone wool.

With products designed for vegetables, propagation, and flowering, there are several choices for the grower. Testing and research is conducted regularly to continually improve the stone wool products.


cultilene grow cubesCultilene is another big name in hydroponics as an international seller of stonewool products. With their stone wool, there is a focus of sustainability and the reduction of inputs such as water and nutrients through the media design and irrigation practices.

With a focus in sustainable food production practices and the goals of maximum growth with as little water and energy as possible. This is achieved with the substrate system and an irrigation strategy. Cultilene is a member of the Saint Gobain supplier and supplies over 70 different countries.

By looking at existing stone wool products, Cultilene challenges the existing and looks for new solutions to many of the world’s problems such as the global food problem.


Stonewool Grow Media-

The use of stone wool or stone wool in any size or scale operation can be one of great benefits. A commercial operator needs to assess the goals and overall wants of the business to weigh both the pros and cons of making a switch to stone wool in a hydroponic system. For any questions and helpful tips, be sure to reach out to a member of the RedRock Block We’re here to help make those important decisions!

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