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Posted on April 30, 2021 by Red Rock Block

Flowering Grow Slabs: Supporting Flowering Plants To Their Full Potential


Stonewool has been a time tested material that has made it’s shift from an excellent insulating material to a plant media. After stonewool was introduced to the commercial horticulture world, it took off into popularity as one of the most popular grow mediums for hydroponics and uses in traditional operations. Stonewool has many applications from the germination of seeds, mature plant growth, cloning, and everything in between. Generally speaking, plants are found to be happier and healthier when grown hydroponically in stonewool.

With the aid of experience and knowledge of staff that have worked in the field of commercial horticulture production, RedRock Block has developed stonewool products that are at the forefront of the horticulture industry in standards and results. This Southern California based company, has the consumer in mind with stonewool products for all applications of the industry from great and small.

RedRock Block: High Standards for High Yields

RedRock Block provides large-scale growers some of the cleanest, purest, and finest commercial-grade stone wool available globally. RedRock Blocks are some of the only commercial-grade stone wool products sourced, sanitized, processed, and manufactured entirely in North America. These stonewool products are specifically designed for commercial agriculture and horticulture crop production. RedRock Block can be found at major retailers nationwide, across North America, and now internationally!

Flowering Slabs From RedRock Grow Block

Using commercial grade stonewool, Red Rock Block has developed a flowering grow slab that is ideal for all flowering applications. The flowering slabs are made of US origin raw material that contains a wetting agent to ensure plant nutrients are immediately available, and a high fiber density that makes better use of water and fertilizer while allowing dry back. As an exclusive feature, the flowering slabs are wrapped in a tight-wrap packaging that minimizes the amount of water required to prepare the slabs before planting, as well as allow for more consistent water leaching throughout the life of the grow slab.

Select Grow Media for Commercial Use

It is a common practice for the commercial grower to transition fresh cuttings into plugs for the first stage of the growing process for roots to grow healthy and strong. Once the plants have well established root systems, they can be transplanted into a larger stonewool application such as a block or slab. It is essential to allow plants to grow healthy roots that are well supported in the start of the growing process, but also during the entire life cycle of the plant. It is a common practice to stack slabs or blocks to allow for an even larger growing area for roots to allow for access to plenty of nutrients and water. RedRock Block are designed with the grower in mind making sure that plants stay happy and healthy which in turn means a more stable growing season with more predictable quality and production.

The RedRock Grow Blocks are industry standard and are available for all commercial growers. These blocks offer some amazing features that can’t be beat!  This North American manufactured stonewool offers a high fiber density in starter blocks that makes better use of water and nutrients that are vital to a plant’s healthy start while also allowing for dry back. The grow blocks contain a wetting agent that ensures nutrients when applied are immediately available to the plant for use. With pricing and availability perfect for the commercial operation sizes are available for any crop and for any stage of production and development.

Key Features of RedRock Grow Blocks

Moisture High moisture retention allowing for excellent water support with a reduced risk of wilting and stunting due to water stress.
Nutrient Content Once the stone wool is treated, all stonewool blocks are able to retain and hold on to nutrients with minimal to no leaching of nutrient solution.
Oxygen Availability  Roots get a breath of fresh air with 97 percent oxygen content when dry, and with proper drainage times between waterings, excellent water and oxygen ratio for the roots.
pH and EC RedRock Block stonewool has a neutral pH which means a clean slate for all plants. A grower has full control over the initial pH and EC content of the media allowing for full customization based on individual crop needs.

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