Starter Plugs, Grow Cubes, and Grow Slabs

Posted on March 2, 2021 by Red Rock Block

Stonewool Media Plugs, Cubes, and Slabs: All Sizes and Shapes for the Commercial Grower

Stonewool is a time tested material that is used in the commercial horticulture industry  by both hydroponic and traditional operations. Stonewool has its origins in a completely different industry- the construction industry. Stonewool used to originally be used for construction and insulation for structures. Then in the mid 1970’s scientists started to look at alternative methods of plant production using media that was different from soil based ones. Through testing, it was discovered that with slight modification, the stonewool material made the ideal growing media. From germinating seeds to cloning plants, and everything in between stonewool has the ideal conditions for happy, healthy plants. .

Stonewool Starter Plugs-

Starter plugs are usually defined as smaller chunks or pieces of stone wool that are perfect for starting or germinating seeds. A starter plug is usually a small piece of compacted moss, stonewool, coco coir, or other type of growing media. When a seed or sprout is ready to “block-up”, a grower can easily transplant the starter plug into a starter cube so the plant can keep growing. Red Rock Grow Block has a high-quality selection of stone wool starter plugs that are ideal for the commercial grower. Below is a list of the available starter plugs and what we love about them!

Product What we love about it
RedRock Block Starter  Trays Nice and neat! These starter trays keep plants contained and provide adequate growing room for your plants!
RedRock Block Starter Plugs These mini’s are perfect for starting plants off on the right root offering stability and an ease of transplantation into large starter media, grow cubes, grow blocks, and slabs later in the growing cycle.

Mini Cubes, Starter Cubes, Rooting Cubes, and Clone Cubes-

Once again, the name of the stonewool product will depend on the stonewool grow media manufacturer. Stonewool mini cubes, stonewool starter cubes, rooting cubes, or clone cubes are typically used for larger seeds and smaller vegetative plants. Stonewool starter cubes are great for starting seeds, propagating cuttings, or cultivating clones, especially in ebb and flow hydroponic systems and drip irrigation systems. Stonewool mini cubes, starter cubes, jiffy cubes, or clone cubes can also, in most cases, seamlessly block up into a larger stonewool starter block or stonewool grow block.

Product What we love about it
RedRock Block Grow Cubes– Multi-sizes available With multiple sizes and quantities, all plant type needs can be met with ease. Offering easy transplantation into larger blocks when the needs arises.
RedRock Block Grow Blocks- Multi-sizes available These quick drain blocks offer ease of mind for proper water control even for the most picky of crops.

Starter Blocks-

Stonewool Starter Blocks are typically understood as a larger variation of stonewool media used for starting plants off properly. Stonewool starter blocks can be used for small plants or for blocking up, accepting a smaller size stonewool grow media product such as a stonewool starter plug or stonewool mini cube. Depending on the manufacturer, a stonewool starter block can also seamlessly “block up” or transplant into a larger size stonewool grow block. Crops can also be started in grow slabs and customized to fit into any area or new stonewool media further down the growth cycle.

Product What we love about it!
RedRock Starter Cubes These mini-me style cubes offer the benefits of stonewool in a compact shape easy for starting off crops. With ease of transplanting later into larger stonewool, these grow cubes are a no brainer.
RedRock Block Grow Slabs These slabs are ideal for customizing the placement and spacing of plants from the start to the finish of the growth cycle. With plastic wrapping, roots are extra protected!

RedRock Block has a wide variety and selection of Stone wool products that can adequately and successfully support all hydroponic grown crops from start to finish. With the many benefits, support, great water control, and more use of stone won’t grow media has taken the hydroponic industry by storm. four questions, product recommendations, and helping all aspects of crop production reach out to RedRock Block specialist who are at the ready with decades of combined experience and Industry.

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