What is Air Pruning

February 10, 2021

A Cut Above the Rest: Air Pruning the Precise Method to Root Zone Control The invention of the commercial greenhouse was one of the greatest achievements in plant cultivation as it extended the growing season and provided a grower the opportunity to produce plants outside of the standard growing areas and times. With the ability to control light, temperature, water,...
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Blocking up With Stonewool Grow Media

September 14, 2020

RedRock Block Stonewool Grow Media: Efficient Transplanting Grow Media System Throughout a plants lifecycle there are several growth phases. With new growth, comes the need for additional resources used by the plant for further development. If plants or crops are cultivated in a commercial greenhouse, indoor farm, CEA grow op, or hydroponic facility they will more than likely be grown...
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StoneWool Grow Blocks for Commercial Hemp and Cannabis Growers

May 4, 2020

Stone-wool and Hemp: A Combo for High Yields and Excellent Growing Seasons Ever since Denmark in the late 1960’s conducted testing on a construction insulation known as stone wool, the hydroponic industry has never been the same! This material made from the extreme melting of basalt rock into thin, yet strong fibers is a great medium for hemp. No matter...
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Stonewool Blocks in Drip Irrigation Systems

April 29, 2020

Stonewool and Drip Irrigation: The Perfect Combo In the commercial horticulture industry, there are many avenues a grower can go down for crop production. One of the most common roads that they take is hydroponics. There are many benefits of hydroponics such as the versatility, conservation of resources such as nutrients and water, and the improvement of quality and yield...
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Types of Stonewool Blocks

April 27, 2020

Stonewool at RedRock Block: Offering Endless Solutions to Commercial Hydroponic Needs Stonewool is a versatile material that has uses across many spectrums from the construction industries to the many types of horticulture industries. This cheap, lightweight, highly absorbent, and extremely efficient material is excellent for soilless grow media applications on any scale of production. This material is known for its...
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Stonewool Grow Blocks and Hydroponic Systems

April 24, 2020

Time to Rock and Wool: Hydroponic Systems and Stone Wool Applications The commercial horticulture industry is always striving for more efficient practices that are not only easy to use, but also easy on the wallet. In the hydroponics spectrum, one such material that checks all those points is rockwool also known as stone wool or mineral wool. Stone wool has...
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New North American Commercial-Grade Stonewool Grow Blocks Hit Market

April 21, 2020

Available Now! High Quality Stone Wool Grow Blocks, Stone Wool Grow Plugs, Stone Wool Grow Slabs, and Stonewool Flowering Slab Supply Chain for Commercial Growers The commercial horticulture industry is evolving and morphing into one of automation and new technologies. One of the forefronts of the commercial industry is hydroponics and aquaponics. The use of hydroponics and other water based...
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