Mitigating Plant Pests and Plant Disease With Stonewool Grow Media

August 3, 2021

Nipping Plant Pests and Disease in the Bud: Tips for Control When Growing With Stonewool Top 5 Most Unwanted Pests in Hydroponics and Stone Wool and How to Control Them In the commercial greenhouse industry, not everything is sunshine and green. Lurking in the leaves of crops, roots, and other areas of the growing area may be a vicious pest...
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What is HLVd?

May 10, 2021

HLVd in Hops, Cannabis, and Hemp HLVd in Cannabis: The Silent Killer of Quality Buds Knowledge is power and in the commercial horticulture industry, a knowledgeable operator is one that can react quickly and effectively to pests and disease vectors. Great prevention plans and quick response time in the event of an infection or outbreak can make or break a...
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