stage 3


In the bloom stage, plants are placed in their final containers. Lamps are typically full spectrum or at the very least higher in the red light spectrum to encourage the development of flowers. Fertilizers are switched to those that have higher levels of phosphorus and potassium with nitrogen levels decreased.

Rather than the focus staying on vegetative growth, the plant is stimulated to develop flowers. The use of red spectrum light will trick a plant into later stage growth that typically is not seen until later seasons. With the reduction of nitrogen, the root and stem growth is decreased and allows for all energies to go into bloom and flower development.

When plants think the end is near they switch into survival mode putting all efforts into ensuring their continuation   This means fruiting and flower production.  In this stage growers will often take the smaller grow blocks and place them on top of a stonewool grow slab for increased growth media to accommodate root growth which will lead to a larger plant capable of making more robust flowers.

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Commercial grade stonewool SOLO flowering slabs are sourced and manufactured in North America. Perfect for "blocking-up" from stonewool starter blocks.
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