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Nurseries or propagation facilities are where operations get their start. Plants are either germinated from seeds or cloned from a ‘mother plant’. Mother plants can be very large and are often the first plants grower house for their genetics. As mother plants are very large, their life span in the commercial operation is up to several months and can provide hundreds of cuttings for new plants or clones.

When the original mother plant reaches the end of it’s life, a new one is selected front he clones to be the new mother plant. Currently there are not specific propagation plugs available for this stage of the growth cycle, however, new and improved stonewool starter plugs are in the works and will be available for purchase in a few months.

The products used in this stage are called propagation plugs, starter plugs, clone cubes, mini blocks, etc. During this stage of propagation, the cuttings are placed into the plugs, watered, and put into humidity domes for rooting.  Once the roots begin to pop out they move to veg. stage and into stonewool starter blocks.  Time in this stage is around a week or so.

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