Blocking up With Stonewool Grow Media

Posted on September 14, 2020 by Red Rock Block

RedRock Block Stonewool Grow Media: Efficient Transplanting Grow Media System

flowering-stonewool-grow-mediaThroughout a plants lifecycle there are several growth phases. With new growth, comes the need for additional resources used by the plant for further development. If plants or crops are cultivated in a commercial greenhouse, indoor farm, CEA grow op, or hydroponic facility they will more than likely be grown in stonewool grow media, coco coir, grow stones, or potting soils. As the plants or crops grow, they will need to eventually be transplanted into larger grow containers to be able to properly grow and thrive.

The transplanting process is typically a time consuming, costly, and risky process for commercial and industrial growers as they usually have thousands upon thousands of plants that may need to be transplanted several times throughout the different growth cycles. Fortunately, transplanting costs and risks can be mitigated through proper planning, potential updating of transplanting processes and systems, swapping out the grow media currently used, and even as far as possibly upgrading the commercial grow operations watering and dosing systems.

Why Stonewool Grow Media versus Other Types of Grow Media?

drip-irrigation-stonewoolStonewool is perhaps the most versatile grow media currently available for most commercial and industrial indoor farmers.Obviously the type of grow media will be defined by the type of grow operation, current grow operation set up, and type of plants or crops being grown among many other factors and variables of a specific grow operation. Some grow operations may be set up for using soil  or blends of soil, some may use buckets with grow stones, others may use drip irrigation with either coco coir or stone wool grow blocks, and some grow operations may use a combination of different grow media for different growth cycles; i.e- starting seeds one one grow media and transplanting to a different grow media.

Some of the important benefits of stonewool grow media are that it is considered a man-made natural product(depending on the manufacturer of course), a fairly neutral and natural pH level, pure and sterile product, ease of use, fast and efficient transplanting process, can be reused in some cases after sterilization, can be broken down and reused as a type of grow media additive, excellent water and plant nutrient uptake properties, promotes strong root zone development,etc. Once again, the above stone wool grow media benefits depend largely on the stonewool grow media manufacturer.

How to Transplant with Stonewool Grow Media?

stonewool-cubesThe RedRock Block stonewool grow media product line offers commercial and industrial growers a complete grow system in terms of stonewool plugs, stonewool starter blocks, stonewool grow blocks, and stonewool grow slabs. Translating into being able to start a seed in a stonewool grow plug, then to a starter block, to a larger grow block, and finally into a stonewool grow slab if need be.

Depending on the types of plants or crops being grown will largely determine which type of stonewool grow media would be used in terms of growth cycles and transplanting; i.e.-blocking up. As an example, some plants may be able to grow and thrive in a smaller grow block without the need to block up into a larger stonewool grow block, or grow slab. Another example would be where a plant or crop may get transplanted directly from a stonewool starter block into a large flowering slab. This is one excellent highlight of RedRock Block’s complete stonewool grow media product line, flexibility in blocking up options from seed to harvest season.

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