Red Rock Block is perfect for Commercial Greenhouses, Indoor Farms, CEA Facilities, Hydroponic Operations, Vertical Farms and more.
General Information

The Reason we get such great yields…

RedRock Blocks stone wool blocks, slabs, and plugs offer cultivators, propagators, and commercial growers the opportunity to grow more while using less: less water, less plant nutrients, and less growing space.

RedRock Block stone wool blocks, and plugs come in a range of sizes to fit every growing methodology or facility design. From starter plugs to slabs to grow blocks in a range of sizes, use RedRock Blocks for every stage of your crop’s life cycle. Custom sizes are also available via special order.

Support your plants through their lifecycle

Flowering and ripening
Stonewool grow media accommodates root growth which will lead to a larger plant capable of...
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The stone wool fiber structure ensures excellent water and plant nutrient retention and will help...
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Stonewool propagation cubes and starter plugs are an irreplaceable medium for any commercial growers setup....
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Best Stonewool applications

Fruit & Vegetable

In the fruit and vegetable industry, the plants are larger and are typically housed longer than other operations. With the main goal instead of vegetative growth being a secondary product (a vegetable or fruit), an operation needs to be prepared for longer growing seasons. A commercial operation will need to have in place materials and equipment ideal for all stages...
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New to the scene of the commercial greenhouse industry is the production of hemp. This is different from the production of cannabis, as the focus is not on HTC, but rather the fibers for the production of materials like clothes. When setting up a new facility or making a transition from an older facility, planning will need to be conducted...
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In this growing industry, stonewool is the go to solution to get the right ,yields, concentrations, and excellent budding through. Similar to hemp, the commercial production of cannabis is new to the scene with many states setting up the industry as legal. When setting up a new facility or making a transition from an older facility, planning will need to...
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Floriculture is not necessarily an industry for food production, but rather for the beautification of the world. This industry requires many of the same elements of control, with some additional areas of specialization. A commercial operation will need to have in place materials and equipment ideal for all stages of growth for the entire growing season from lighting, heating and...
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Propagation & Nurseries

Propogation is a very delicate time of growth for a plant. Stonewool propagation cubes and starter blocks offer the perfect environment for healthy development of root systems for plants to start off on the right root.
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Indoor Farms

Indoor farming has many benefits with full control over a growing area. Stonewool grow blocks are a popular growing medium for indoor farming, thanks to their soiless benefits and allow for presize application of nutrients.
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Commercial Hydroponics

The usage of stoneblocks in commercial hydroponics helps you create the stable growing environment needed. Large-scale hydroponic operations require a fast-paced, sturdy environment. 
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Commercial Greenhouses

Large-scale commercial greenhouse operations can be a challenge to the unprepared professional. Compared to the smaller scale operations, inputs are greater as well as the risk. Attention to heating and cooling, air circulation, pest control, employee comfort and health, temperature, irrigation, and other key environment factors ensures that crops are grown with minimal stress.
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