New Stonewool Flowering Slabs Introduced to Market

Posted on May 12, 2020 by Red Rock Block

New Stonewool Flowering Slabs Hit Global Market


RedRock Block, a North American manufacturer of locally sourced stonewool grow blocks and slabs, introduces new premium line of commercial grade stonewool flowering slabs for large-scale greenhouse operators, hydroponic growers, indoor farms, and CEA facilities.

Commercial growers worldwide can now acquire some of the cleanest and purest stonewool grow blocks, cubes, plugs, solo slabs, and multi hole flowering slabs for their operations courtesy of Redrock Blocks’ new & exclusive stonewool product line.

RedRock Block stonewool grow blocks and slabs are now offered to the international market for commercial growers of tomatoes, cucumbers, cannabis, hemp, sweet pepper, eggplant, leafy greens, and more. RedRock Blocks stone wool blocks, slabs, and plugs offer commercial growers the opportunity to grow more while using less: less water, less plant nutrients, and less growing space.

Stonewool Flowering Slabs

RedRock Block has just recently announced the launch of a new stonewool flowering slab that is able to accept multiple plants when the time comes for a commercial grower to “block up” to allow for further plant development.

RedRock Blocks’ new stonewool flowering slabs currently come in 36-Inch x 6-Inch x 3-Inch-(12/Cs) (16 Cs/Plt). Large custom size orders are available for commercial growers that need a specific size stonewool flowering slab for their commercial grow operations and supply chain source.

Stonewool SOLO Flowering Slabs-


RedRock Block also offers another type of stonewool slab in the form of a SOLO stonewool Flowering Slab.

This stonewool grow slab is currently offered in 12in. x 8in. x 4in. and manufactured with a “blocking up” hole size of 4in x 4in. to accept RedRock Blocks’ starter stonewool blocks.

With many commercial growers looking for the best option in terms of purity, quality, longevity, pricing, and supply chain “peace of mind”, RedRock Block fills this proverbial void by offering a complete lineup of North American manufactured, premium-grade stonewool grow blocks, stonewool starter blocks, stonewool grow cubes, and stonewall grow slabs to the multitude of ever-growing commercial grow industries worldwide. 


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